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We will manage all the setup fees by ourselves, and there’s no setup fees for you on any of our plan. You can start investing without paying any fee. 100% of your investment will go directly to your portfolio. This makes investing very easy and profitable, for you.



We handle all the trading for you at no extra charge. All fees, which different trading platforms charge, are covered by us. We are the only one who don’t charge anything from your personal money. You can just sit back and relax, knowing your money is safe and growing stable.



We won’t charge you for paying in. All the bank fees and fees for transfering money to different trading platforms, are covering by us. Even if you pay us in your local currency, we won’t charge the currency conversion fee from you.



Managing investments, and maintaining of your portfolio costs, but we are not charging you for it. Usually fund sites charge fe percent of your money every month, but we are here to grow your assets not to reduce them.



We charge only 7% of your earned profits. We will take really small portion of the profit we earn for you. If month ends in loss for you, then we don’t charge anything from you, to motivate us to be better next month. If your monthly profit is 20%, then 7% out of 20% is our fee – it’s only 1.4%. Then your monthly profit will be 18.6% instead of 20%



Ending investment and withdrawing your assets is most costly part of investments. Every different asset, where your money is in, charge fee when cashing out. Every different trading site charge fee, and banks charge enormous fees. We are covering half of all fees by ourselves and charge only 6% from you. This includes currency conversion fee, when your currency is different than USD.